Agentpman1 is a character, and the founder of the Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia. He is a user, and the founder of this wikia. His first appearance in cartoon form was in The Return, an early test episode.

Appearance Edit

Agentpman1's real life form is never sen, nor mentioned. But his cartoon appearance is always seen.

Agent is a Dog with normal hair. He wears a big shirt, and shoes. However, his shirt, hair, and shoes have either changed, or disappeared completely sometimes.

In The Return, he was slightly different. He had no shoes, and had a slightly more teenage look. His hair is dyed a little bit red, and he had a black shirt, with a skull in it. His voice was slightly lighter too.

In The D Team, he gets a new design. His hair isn't dyed at all, and he has a red shirt, with dark shading on the bottom. He now has light aqua shoes, and his teenage look is toned down a bit. His voice also became deeper.

Personality Edit

Out off all the characters here, Agent seems to be the most normal. He is stressed a lot due to him being annoyed countless by his roommates.

History Edit

The Return Edit

Agent first appeared in the unfinished, and first fanfic on this wikia, The Returrn. He is first seen where he is sad that Antonio is gone. He later becomes happy again when Antonio comes back. However, he later remembers that he became best friends with Gumba11gUy124. This makes Antonio angry, and makes him hunt Gumba11gUy124.

Triva Edit