Plot: Edit

Agentpman1 and GumballFangirl123 ( but she is called Maria in this too ) meet eachoters and other friends like Chibi Ellie,Tom and Jerry,Powerpuff Girls,Gumball,Darwin,Anais,Series 1,2,3 and 4 Mixels, Finn,Jake,Steven,Modercai,Rigby Spongebob, Patrick, Animaniacs,the main Six and Spike the dragon meet both Agentpman1 and his room mates.

Transcript: Edit

You Agent: Ugh..Im so bored......


Agent: O_O


Agent: What? (Sees Henry) WHAT THE-

Henry: (Flies at white bird, making this yell:

Agent: (Flashes flashlight in henry's face.)

Henry: (Pupils get lit on fire.) AAAGHHH WHAT THE (Lololo9o agnt censr beach lolol)!!!!! ACK!!!

Agent: Ok. What happened this time?

Henry: That Fat little buckeneer had taken a poop on me poopdeck!

White Bird: Pirate Robin, Its called "Poop deck" for a reason.

Agent: Thats it. Both of you. In the closet again..

Henry: Thanks alot you buckanner! We got in trouble!!

White Bird: Whatever Robin. You started it.


Agent: You can do it in the closet! Now get out!

Both: Fine... (Leaves)

Agent: Ugh.....

(Meanwhile with gf123)

GF123: ( who is in her Gumball version, but haves a red dye on her hair, light and dark red jacket, light yellow skirt and pink shoes ) that was days i meet Agent. I wonder what he is doing. I shall visit him! But first, i gonna bring some of My cartoon friends! :) ( presses on a button on her clock and her Sidekick Chibi Ellie, Tom and Jerry and Gumball and Darwin commes out of it ) i bring the rest of them later.

Chibi Ellie: where are we? ( looks at GF123 ) WHAT HAPPEND TO YOU?!

Gumball: is her in her cat form, but in a diffrent design.

Jerry: but where are the other Guys?

GF123: i gonna bring the others after i meet Agent.

( Sullvan, who just got kicked out through the window of Agent's home )

Sullvan: oooooow.....

GF123: Sullvan! are you ok?

Sullvan: GumballFangirl123, what have happend to you?!

Chibi Ellie,Tom and Jerry: GunballFangirl123?!

Gumball: It's her account name of something. But her real name is Maria.

GF123: well, it is actully My middle name, but i Will never tell My real name!

Sullvan: but serioulsy, what have happend to you?

GF123: well, i guess it is My design in this world.

( Sullvan looks on GF123 design more and start smile on her )

GF123: 0_0 uuuuum.... What are you doing?

Tom: ( commes and goes angry to Sullvan ) OY! Don't you dare flirt with My girl! She is only 14!

Sullvan: 1. I thought that she was 13!

2. Is she your girlfriend?!

3. Of coooouuurse i don't flirting With heeeer....

Tom: 1. She had her birthday a month ago.

2. No, she is not, she have been friends With me and Jerry a long time.

3. Suuuure! ):<

Jerry: anyways, where is Maria's Friend " Agent "?

Sullvan: he is in his house, i think.

GF123: Ok, while you others go in, i gonna bring the other Guys.

( later )

( knocking on the door is heard )

Agent: ( Sighs ) i wonder who it is now. ( opens the door and shows GF123,Chibi Ellie,Tom and Jerry,Gumball,Darwin,Anais,Powerpuff girls,Series 1,2 and 3 Mixels,Finn and Jake,Mordecai and Rigby,Steven Universe,Spongebob and Patrick, Animaniacs and the Mane Six is there )

all of them: HI, AGENT!!! :D

Agent: O_O (Twitches.) .....(Head explodes.)


Patrick: Lol I think he's happy.

Agent: (Head reforms, and he shuts the door on everyone, hides his roommates, but sullvan, and opens the door again.) Eh, Hi guys! Nice to see you!

GF123: nice to meet you too! It was a long ago we talked, so what happend?

Agent: uuum.... I was sick!

GF123: K, but can i and my cartoon friends ( pets Vulk's head ) be With you today?

Agent: Sure. Why?

GF123: well, it should be nice to be With you again and now With some of your favorite cartoons! :)

Agent: Ok! Have a seat! ...Sorry, I didn't know this many of you were coming.


Sanic: Lolololololol U calling me slow, Im gonna get you to scrubs (Refering to Mabel and Martha.)

GF123: ( who is the only one who is Seeing him ) isn't that Sonic? But it can't be, beacuse he never act like that. ( Sullvan is behind her and smiling and she turns around ) argh, what now, Sullvan?! -_-

Sullvan: Look up.

(Rokit is ontop of GF123 )

Rokit: sup?

GF123: GAAAH! Get off me!!! ( trows away Rokit )

Agent: Wait what the? GOLEM NO- Ugh...Sorry guys.. Golems at it again. brb. (Leaves)

All: Bye!

(Theres a monster attacking the city, and you guys notice.)


Tom: IT'S A MONSTER! RUUUUN!!! ( try to run away,but GF123 takes his tail )

GF123: ( Holds on cubit's ) let's Max!

Tom: NO,NO,NO! No way i am gonna mix With these things! ( points at the Mixels )

GF123: we must. Do you want the city to live?

Tom: um...yes.

GF123: well, let's do it, then!

( everyone grabs a cubit and a huge foot commes and stomps on them )

everyone: MIIIIIIIX!!! ( shows the Mixels Max, Tom and Jerry Mix, Powerpuff girls Max, GF123 and Chibi Ellie's Max, Gumball's,Darwin's and Anais max, Finn and Jake mix, Modercai and Rigby mix, Animaniacs Max, Twilight Sparkle's, Fluttershy's and Rainbow dash's Max, Rarity's,Apple Jack's and Pinkie Pie's Max,Steven's and Spike's Mix and Spongebob and Patrick Mix )

Monster: COME GET ME!!! (Runs to the GUMBAPEDIA fANON wIKIA.)

GF123/ Chibi Ellie Mix: ( in GF123's voice ) Come on, Guys! We need to save Gumbapedia fanon wikia! ( some of them run away, while others are flying away )

( meanwhile at Gumpedia Fanon Wikia )

Mabel: ( sees the monster ) Guys, look!

Conny: what is that?!

Lilly: it is a monster!

Beckie: ( gasps ) look, isn't it GF123 and the others?

( the maxes and Mixes commes and is ready to fight the maxes and Mixes )


Mabel: Sure! Come on, guys! Lets help them defeat the monster! While the youngers follow Pac!

Pac: ( barks as we need to go )

( Lilly, Pac, Cobby.Jr and Cole runs away )

Mabel: let's go! ( Mabel uses her fire powers, Purriana uses her Water powers, Rayona uses her rock powers and the others uses Their powers and They all do a epic fight with the monster )

GF123/ Chibi Ellie: ( Punches Monster's face ) HI-YAAH!

Monster: AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! ( falls down and crushes houses and then wimpsers and runs away )

( the maxes and Mixes unmixes )

GF123: WE DID IT! ( They cheer and Agent commes and have seen it )

Agent: What?


Mabel and Martha: AAAAH!

Chibi Ellie: STOOP! Sonic, LEAVE THEM ALONE! it was maybe other girls who called you slow!

Sanic: Go awai be4 i rekt you kid

GF123: HEY! Don't you dare talk to My sidekick like that! You are not always like that,Sonic!

Agent: um...

GF123: What is it?!

Agent: that's not the real sonic. That's Sanic, a rude version of Sonic.

GF123: but can't you stop him?!

Agent: I'll try... ( goes to Sanic ) hey Sanic! D:<

Sanic: Skrubl0rd wh4t d0 you want.

Agent: Leave these guys alone!

Sanic: u foking wot m8. 1v1 me on Club penguin m8.

Agent: Club pengui- REALLY!? |:(


Agent: Fine! Jeez...

(One game of Card-Justi on Club Penguin later.)

Agent: There I won. Now leave these guys alone!

Sanic: 0K M8. GG (Ded.)

Agent: Ugh. Sorry guys. Idk what's his problem.

GF123: That's ok. By the way, what shall we do now? ( Sullvan smiles at me ) STOP LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! D:

Sullvan: Sry. XD

Agent: Hold on just a second. (Gets out remote, and presses a button on it, this makes Sullvan become paused, and black and white.) He'll be fine.

GF123: thanks..

( later, at the Mixels and Tom )

Tom; Boy am I bored..

Flain: Me too..I know! How about we fix it..pulls out cubit.) WITH A MIX IT? :D

Tom: 0_0 OOOOH, NO NO NO! Uh uh! No way!

Flain: Ok then! (Pretends to trip, and lands the cubit on tom's hand, making them both tough it.)

Tom: ...I hate you..


Tom/Flain Murp: ( in Tom's voice, does crazy laughter ) MURP! MURP! HEHEHE! *Runs out of house.)

Agent: And then I said- Wait what's that?

Tom/Flain Murp: MURP! MURP MURP! (Starts messing up a town.)

GF123: ...Um....

Krader: they made a MURP! D: